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Real women can do all these , written by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

Real women can:

study hard sciences

become doctors, engineers, scientists, astronauts,registered nurses, teachers, marines, pilots, business owners, writers, authors, poets;

design clothes, furniture, styles, jewelry

can learn foreign languages

can drive Mercedes, Range Rovers; jeeps, Mack trucks, pick-ups, tractors, ATVs, tanks, spaceships, combines, lawnmowers, scooters, motorcycles, Ferraris; and cars;

can draw, sketch, paint what they see or what they imagine

can write short stories, articles, peer review reports, books, novellas

Can raise awesome children to be the leaders of the future

can marry great men; or not so great men and still exist and cope

can overcome life-threatening challenges and thrive

can survive depression

can create living replicas of themselves or of their husbands

can endure the intense pain and struggle of childbirth to push their baby from the womb-cocoon into the world

can day after day put their children's best interest ahead of their own

can nurture via breast-feeding their newborn baby

can teach by example the human skills of tenderness, compassion, mercy and never-ending love to their children ;and sometimes to their husbands

can give birth to another human!

can hold onto life by the barest glimmer of a hope when it is necessary for her family's survival

can survive divorce and get it right the next time

can cope with being the "helpmeet"

can pump themselves up with reading scripture, poetry, watching birds, sitting in the sun, drawing mindlessly

can enjoy sex with their husbands

can be faithful to their husbands

can have living babies

can teach Sunday School, C.P.R, ACLS, first aid, science, math, engineering, medical courses;

can travel to ally countries and not-ally countries with equal ease

can volunteer their time, energy, knowledge and wealth to help the common cause of humanity

can acquire, hold and increase their wealth

can give inheritances to their children

can earn University degrees and more than one if that is in their best interest

can sing, dance, create, design, choreograph, conduct, administer, manage, delegate, build, construct, demolish,plan, shoot,

can fly planes, helicopters, jets, bombers, gliders, fighter jets

can drive boats, yachts, amphibians, sea planes, cutters; tall ships, aircraft carriers, canoes, kayaks, lorries, tug boats, catamarans

can create living human beings and push them into the world

can put out fires, rescue the injured, balance the books, create budgets, cook meals, buy supplies, plant crops, and then make love with their husbands

can have babies all by themselves after their husbands give them their seed [sperm]

can celebrate womanhood the way GOD intended

can be pleased with the state of their womanhood

can allow men to help them without feeling put-down or inferior

can be the family communicator, keeping everyone up to date on family events

can research and write and teach and run a household

can blog, photograph, tweet, mail, email, and distribute neighborhood flyers.

can enjoy being married to one man and raising children and grand-children and can be fulfilled because those are great achievements and not many women accomplish them.

can change the world.

Copyright. Gloria Poole. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 25 Feb 2017 at 10:02 am, Missouri

If you do not know what an ultrasound of a baby in the womb looks like, you can see one on this youtube: and

The Moment of Conception:

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photo-by-gloriapoole of human embryo in womb.

Above is my photo of a human embryo which is a medical term for a certain stage of human development in the womb. It does not mean the baby is not human. It refers to the time of gestation in the womb. In the Bible, this baby in the womb is called 'fruit of the womb", produced entirely from the seed of human man who put his sperm into a woman's body during sex.

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This is me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri and Georgia, in a selfie of spring 2014 but I look exactly the same today.

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