Sunday, February 8, 2015

Real women overcome infertility through the power of GOD.

The victory over infertility sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri, in oils in sketch book, 8 Feb 2015 9 x12.  This is not a sketch of real women or baby [though both of my grown daughters have brownish gold hair]. I was trying to sketch an idea in my mind of that boxer's victory thing they do when they clasp their hands and wave them over their head in victory; to signify that the "woman" in the sketch had a victory by having given birth to a baby that she waited a long time for.  I drew this sort of cartoonish sketch in pencil first and then painted it in oils [for two reasons: I had a ton of oil paints already mixed and handy on my palette, and I wanted to see what would happen if I painted with oils on sketch book paper.] It is intended to look as if the baby is sleeping in a giant size woven basket, to indicate that it is not the wealth a child is born into that brings happiness, but the child.

I was prompted to create this post because of a tweet I received this past week, about the problem of infertility in the U.S. When I asked the Director of an infertility clinic about the statistics of infertile women in the U S secondary to abortion in about year 2001, her reply was at that time, that 60 MILLION women in U S  were sterile because of abortion.  The abortion industry is the deceiver of the 21st century because it lies to all of its victims about the consequences and adverse side effects of scraping the delicate inner lining of the uterus with a sharp knife [abortion ] which is not a health care procedure in my opinion, but a deliberate act of murder. 

I am reminded of a scripture verse in the King James Holy Bible : "...there are three things that are never satisfied, yea four things say not, 'it is enough' : the grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, 'it is enough'. " Proverbs 30: 15c,16. A barren woman is never happy.  Yet, there is another verse that says that GOD opens the womb of those women who are submissive to HIM. Not in those exact words [in style of King James Holy Bible] but that is the summary of them. I encourage you to find them because reading them for yourself [if you happen to be a barren woman] will encourage you. 

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