Sunday, August 17, 2014

Real women have babies with medical photos, by Gloria Poole, RN, artist

These photos are from a medical textbook I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist, bought at the Medical College of Georgia bookstore years ago hen I worked there in the Shock-Trauma Unit. The numbers are to identify limbs, head, internal organs. But they are medically accurate. I re-photographed them for the purpose of teaching those who never studied human anatomy and physiology.  

I also drew in pencil some of the stages of human development with my notes written on the sketches and put them on a site of mine at: You have to look close or deepen the contrast to see them easily since they're graphite on paper.

Other sites of mine that are teaching sites are:

Some of most powerful words I've ever heard:
" Today is our moment, and protecting the unborn is our mission. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else."  delivered last summer to the National Right to Life Convention in Dallas by pro-life Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott . His entire speech will bring tears to your eyes :

Very good scientific article by a medical doctor on topic of when human life begins:

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