Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Real Women Have babies;Update

I am a woman, and yes, I had two babies, both born alive and still living thank GOD! And they were beautiful on the day those lovely daughters were born and they still are. So, I am qualified to write on this subject. 

I had a domain a few years ago, by the name real-women-have-babies and it was important enough that the prodeathers tried furiously to destroy my online presence to try to stop it.

Real women do have babies. I know there are lots of accomplishments women can do, but the one ONLY they can do, is have living babies they produced from their own egg with the sperm of their husbands.  It's the most major achievement of all.

So, when you child- bearing women are deciding your futures, calculate into the equation, the best thing you could ever do, and that would be to give birth to a replica of you and your husband, to repopulate the world with good people. 

I will think on this some and blog on it intermittently. 

Gloria Poole, RN artist at my apt in Missouri; 13-Jan-2014 at 5:04pm.
 Update as of 5-February-2014 at 9:46am by me Gloria Poole,RN:
 I am updating this post instead of adding a new one because I looked at the source code for this blog and saw some attempts by cyber-hackers [probably on the payroll of that killing ngo named wrongly "Planned Parenthood" ] to prevent this blog from showing anywhere.  If there is anything the prodeathers hate, it is newborn babies.  You can see my profile for this blog at : Also, I looked at source code for all RSS feeds and all are code or error pages and that has to do with what I think is a fake google site that has the phrase "georss" in it.  So, you will have to type in the url address until the problems are resolved. 

Also, I updated another #prolife blog of mine with news and events that concern all conscientious mothers of small girls at And I tweeted my remarks this morning on one of my twitter accounts of @ProlifeNurse. You can follow me on that twitter or on @gloriapoole; or any of my Twitter feeds. 
/s/ Gloria Poole,RN artist; at my apt in Missouri; 5-February-2014 at 9:54am.